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By completing this application form, you agree to the goals and purpose of the mentoring program. Sote Hub encourages an open exchange of information and ideas between members participating in the program. However, Sote Hub may not review such communications often so does not guarantee the accuracy of any information exchanged between mentor and mentee. You agree that you will update Sote Hub monthly about the progress of the mentorship by writing us an email at   You further agree to release Sote Hub, and its directors, from all claims, judgments, demands, liabilities, and actions that may have arise out of, or in any way relating to, your participating in the mentorship program.   In normal course of my volunteer/mentor assignment and responsibilities, I understand that I may have access to or view information regarding clients and his/her activities.  With regard to all such information, I agree to observe strict standard of confidentiality.  I further agree that knowledge and information of a confidential nature, gained through my involvement with the mentorship may not be used, distributed or discussed outside of my volunteer responsibilities unless permission is sought from Sote Hub.   I agree with the above terms, conditions, and goals of the mentor program.

Your key contact person will be Sote Hub Manager| Harry Mwailengo| Please communicate with him directly regarding modalities of the program.Sote Hub takes this earliest opportunity to sincerely thank you for accepting to work with us in furthering the bigger mission of Growing Startups from rural communities in Kenya. You will be listed in our website and PR materials as a valuable mentor and a key team member and we will be glad to write future recommendation to this effect. A big welcome and hope you enjoy working with us!

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